Introducing SharePoint CRM Site Template

Several months ago I was tasked with creating a project management solution within SharePoint, it soon became clear than just an InfoPath form and list wasn’t going to cut the mustard.  Realising I was going to invest huge amounts of my time, I decided I’d make the solution to be a re-usable site template that could be restored on Office 365 Enterprise tennants & on premise Enterprise SharePoint servers.

Using only SharePoint Designer 2010 & Infopath Designer 2010, I’ve managed to create a site template with the following features:

  • Contacts
  • Projects & Tasks
  • Sales
  • Documents
  • Reporting

Along the way a custom UI was created to show these related items within various screens, creating a solution thats easy to use within little or no SharePoint knowledge.  Over time I’ll be posting videos to show off the functionality, but for now here’s a couple of screen shots:

No quicklaunch menu required

Display related items


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