5 Day Weather Forecast WebPart

Being unable to find a sandbox weather forecast webpart that would work in SharePoint online, I decided to make my own using the good old DataViewWebPart:

5 Day Weather SharePoint & Office 365

If you would like to have this on your site you can download the WebPart here – Weather WebPart (Rename the file extension from .doc to .webpart after downloading)

The WebPart has the location hardcoded, so here’s how to update it:

Find your location

Go to http://local.msn.com/worldweather.aspx

  1. Use the Find a Location link to search for your location
  2. From within your browsers address bar, make a note of the five digit number at the end of the address

Update the WebPart

After you have uploaded the WebPart to your sites webpart gallery, add it to a page, then open SharePoint Designer and carry out the following steps:

  1. In Design View Select your WebPart
  2. From under the Data View Tools Tab, press the Data Source Details button
  3. Within the Data Source Details task pane, click the Weather Forecast… hyperlink
  4. In the Enter the URL to a server side script box, locate a five digit numerical code and replace it with your location code you noted down earlier
  5. Press OK, then save your page

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