SharePoint CRM V1.1.9.1 Released

As promised the ability to generate and manage invoices has now been added to SP Free CRM.

Release Notes

  • Added Invoicing – See integrated userguide for usage details.
  • Fixed issue with editing existing sales items.
  • Updated integrated userguide

Whilst this has been throughly tested on various SharePoint environments this is a beta – Please help by providing feedback.



Next SharePoint CRM feature is Invoicing

After beating plenty of challenges, I’m pleased to announce the next version of SharePoint CRM will include invoicing.

The initial development work is now complete, so assuming that testing goes well a new release will be added to my CodePlex project within the next day or so.

For further details about SP Free CRM’s Sales & Invoicing features click here

Give your content authors new styles

Whilst I’ve seen other blog posts about adding new styles for publishing sites I haven’t seen it mentioned that you can also add them for use in SharePoint foundation & Office 365 content editor web parts.

For this post I’m going to concentrate on adding a new table style, though once you’ve got the hang of it, you can also create new Styles & Markup Styles by using the same principal.

To begin we’re going to be adding new table style to the following menu within the content editor web part, as you’ll see I’ve added a few extra to my site:

Content Editor Table Style

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SharePoint CRM V1.1 Released

After reports of issues creating sites on older versions, I setup another development server with an older version of SharePoint 2010 to re-create the issue.

I’ve now resolved the issue, so anyone previously having trouble creating a site can get the new release from my CodePlex Project.

The latest release is confirmed working on the following versions:

  • On Premise –
  • On Premise –
  • Office 365 Enterprise –

Update – Now confirmed working on version, so now compatible with all versions!

CRM/Project Management Site Template – Released!

The time has finally come to release my CRM site template into the wild.  So for anyone with a SharePoint 2010 Enterprise server or Office 365 tenant wishing to download it can do so from here.

With my latest CSS updates it now offers a new look, and offers the following features:

  • User Friendly – Due to a custom UI
  • Client List/Contacts management
  • Project Management – With associated documents, tasks & sales
  • Sales
  • Client Enquiry – Showing any items related to a client
  • Reporting – Utilising Excel 2010
  • Integrated User Guide

Here’s a screenshot of the updated homepage: