Upgrade your CRM Site to show maps

Unfortunately the CRM site would fail to restore whenever I added the required DataView WebPart to the CRM site template to display maps.  However the XSL is included in the template so here’s the steps to add the upgrade:

  1. Open your site with SharePoint Designer 2010
  2. Within the Companies list, edit displayifs.aspx (Open in advanced mode)
  3. Locate the DIV below the Infopath form & from the Dataview menu, insert a Empty Dataview
  4. Insert the Companies list, then select any field and Insert selected field as -> Multiple Item View
  5. With the new WebPart selected create a new Parameter – Name = ItemID – Parameter Source = Query String – Query String Variable = ID
  6. Create a filter – ID Equals ItemID
  7. Save your page, then use the preview button to open the page
  8. Within the browser, put the page into edit mode, then open properties for your new WebPart
  9. Within Miscellaneous, set the XSL Link to be – ../../../siteassets/xsl/map.xsl

Now when you open a company that has an address present, a map will be displayed.  As a bonus your staff can also use the birds eye view to check out near by parking in advance too.


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