SharePoint CRM V1.2 Released

In case you missed it, I recently released version of SharePoint CRM – Download

Along with minor improvements, here are the updates:

  • Projects can now have multiple clients and project managers – Also multiple Contacts related to the client can be added to the project form.
  • Added text filters to allow wildcard case insensitve searching
  • Added error checking for any un-connected date filters
  • Improved User Guide

3 thoughts on “SharePoint CRM V1.2 Released

  1. Hi SpCloud Guy,
    I really like your CRM site i think it is really well made. I am working on a system and would love to use some of the features you have used in this system. Would you consider making a few “How to guides”? the features i want to use (Copy) are the tabbd web part zones in the projects.aspz page and the way you have set up your links on the home page using dataview webparts and XSL.
    I am not a designer so i am struggling to work out how you have made these.
    Any help would be much apreciated.


  2. Thanks John, kind words are always welcome! I’ve just started a new job so I’m fairly busy at the moment, but yes I write up guides for both when I get chance. In the mean time though, the tabs are just Jquery tabs with web part zones in each div. So in case it helps check out their example here –

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