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5 thoughts on “About

  1. CJ says:


    I tried to install your CRM on our on premise SP 2013 installation, but with little luck. Is it easy to have it support SP 2013 and if so, is it on your planning? Would love to take a look at it…

    • Rolf says:

      Hi SPCloudGuy,

      I tried to install the 2013 version and I got the follow message:

      The site template requires that the Feature {232b3f94-9d6e-4ed6-8d55-04d5a44ac449} be installed in the farm or site collection.

      It looks like the feature that is missing is the HelpCollectionRemoveDefault Feature. Is this something you can remove from the template?

    • mkbest says:

      SPCloudGuy, first of all, Thank you for putting this template out there. I have been using it and have extended it for funtionality of our business. I would love to email with you sometime to discuss what I humbly think are enhancements to your already brilliant CRM…

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