Give your content authors new styles

Whilst I’ve seen other blog posts about adding new styles for publishing sites I haven’t seen it mentioned that you can also add them for use in SharePoint foundation & Office 365 content editor web parts.

For this post I’m going to concentrate on adding a new table style, though once you’ve got the hang of it, you can also create new Styles & Markup Styles by using the same principal.

To begin we’re going to be adding new table style to the following menu within the content editor web part, as you’ll see I’ve added a few extra to my site:

Content Editor Table Style

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Register a CSS Stylesheet in your masterpage

To make use of any of the supplied CSS on my blog or elsewhere on the internet you may need to know how to add it to your site.  Often its tempting to edit the corev4.css file, but this isn’t encouraged as your changes could be overwritten by a future service pack or could be difficult to undo.  Instead here’s how to register a new CSS style sheet using SharePoint Designer 2010:
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