SharePoint CRM V1.2 Released

In case you missed it, I recently released version of SharePoint CRM – Download

Along with minor improvements, here are the updates:

  • Projects can now have multiple clients and project managers – Also multiple Contacts related to the client can be added to the project form.
  • Added text filters to allow wildcard case insensitve searching
  • Added error checking for any un-connected date filters
  • Improved User Guide

SharePoint CRM V1.1.9.1 Released

As promised the ability to generate and manage invoices has now been added to SP Free CRM.

Release Notes

  • Added Invoicing – See integrated userguide for usage details.
  • Fixed issue with editing existing sales items.
  • Updated integrated userguide

Whilst this has been throughly tested on various SharePoint environments this is a beta – Please help by providing feedback.


SharePoint CRM V1.1 Released

After reports of issues creating sites on older versions, I setup another development server with an older version of SharePoint 2010 to re-create the issue.

I’ve now resolved the issue, so anyone previously having trouble creating a site can get the new release from my CodePlex Project.

The latest release is confirmed working on the following versions:

  • On Premise –
  • On Premise –
  • Office 365 Enterprise –

Update – Now confirmed working on version, so now compatible with all versions!

CRM/Project Management Site Template – Released!

The time has finally come to release my CRM site template into the wild.  So for anyone with a SharePoint 2010 Enterprise server or Office 365 tenant wishing to download it can do so from here.

With my latest CSS updates it now offers a new look, and offers the following features:

  • User Friendly – Due to a custom UI
  • Client List/Contacts management
  • Project Management – With associated documents, tasks & sales
  • Sales
  • Client Enquiry – Showing any items related to a client
  • Reporting – Utilising Excel 2010
  • Integrated User Guide

Here’s a screenshot of the updated homepage: