SharePoint CRM

SP CRM offers a wide range of features to maintain client lists, manage/deliver projects and keep track of sales.  The following SharePoint 2010 environments are supported:

  • SharePoint Server Enterprise
  • Office 365 E Tenants

The solution can be downloaded from the SP CRM CodePlex Project


At present SP CRM offers the following features

Custom User Interface

Whilst SharePoint is a quality product,  users that aren’t familiar with it can struggle to navigate around sites and have difficulty understanding where they should go next.  To resolve these common gripes, SP CRM features a custom user interface and forms that auto-populate fields where possible.

Contacts Management

  • Clients and their associated contacts lists
  • Provides a Virtual Earth map for the address of each client
  • Advanced filter so clients & contacts can be easily found
  • Outlook integration

Further Details

Project Management

SP CRM benefits both project managers and staff that deliver projects.  Projects can be configured to have the following associated items:

  • Multiple tasks – Through standard SharePoint functionality staff members will receive an email when a task is assigned to them
  • Documents – ‘Project Specifications’ and any other documents staff may require to complete the project
  • Sales – Any products or services you have listed

Existing projects can easily be found within the Project Management screen by using a wide range of filters – Then offering a view of all associated items so progress can be checked and modifications can be made.

Further Details


Staff are provided with a screen showing only their tasks, once a task is selected its parent project and associated items are also displayed so all required information is immediately available.

The All Tasks screen also provides filters so managers can locate and update tasks.

Sales & Invoicing

  • Products & Services catalog
  • Various sales screens calculating totals
  • Generate and track invoices

When sales items are added to projects, costs are obtained from the Products & Services catalog, totals are then calculated according to the quantity.

Further Details


Reporting screens provide reports on Projects, Tasks & Sales by utilising Excel Web Services.  Reports can be updated through Excel 2010.

Integrated User Guide

Continuing the user friendly theme, SP CRM includes a user guide accessible by pressing the question mark on the home screen.  Any pages added to the UserGuide document library will appear within the userguide so that any of your own customisations can be easily documented.


Configurations store client specific information such as usernames/passwords and remote access details.  These are then display whenever a staff member selects a task.


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