Sales & Invoicing

SP Free CRM – Sales & Invoicing

SP Free CRM offers the following sales functionality:

  • Products & Services catalogs
  • Sales Register
  • Invoicing

Products & Services catalogs

These catalogs provide the sales register with the products and services your organisation has to offer.  Below is a screenshot of the Products & Services management screen:

SP Free Products & Services Catalog

Products & Services catalog

Sales Register

The sales register first utilises smart InfoPath forms that retrieve items from the products and services catalog, then calculates costs according the quantity entered by staff.

Entered sales can be viewed through a variety of screens to show sales per client, project and all recorded sales.  Sales screens offer filters to drill down along with providing totals for sales items in view.

Further information about entered sales can be retrieved through the reporting screens.  Due to reports being built on Excel 2010 they can be tailored to meet your organisations needs with little effort.

To give you further insight into the sales register screenshots are below:

Sell a service to a client

Add a service to a project

Sales Overview

Sales Register


The invoicing module allows you to generate invoices for some or all sales items within a specified project.  For ease of use, the invoicing form obtains all the necessary information from SP Free CRM.  Once generated the form also provides a specific print view to allow the invoice to be printed as a PDF or XPS etc, so it can the be sent on to your client.

The invoicing screen provides a wide range of filters to look for specifics along with color coding so that outstanding invoices can easily be identified.

Sample Invoice

SharePoint Invoice


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